Natural Raw Honey

Regular Honey

Natural Raw Honey

Difference between Natural Raw Honey & Farm Honey:

1. The main difference between Regular and Raw Honey is that Regular Honey is pasteurised and filtered. 

2. Pasteurisation is the process where honey is heated At High Temperatures to kill any yeast that may be present in order to prevent fermentation.

3. Commercial honey is smooth and uniform in colour. 

4. Raw honey is milky in colour and may have granules that can be melted in warm water, if desired. 

5. It can be assumed that any honey not labelled unpasteurised has gone through the pasteurisation process.

Types of Honey we deal with:

1. Neem Honey,
2. Multi Flora Honey,
3. Mango Honey,
4. Kashmiri Honey,
5. Sidra Honey,
6. Acacia Honey,
7. Monuka Honey,
8. Blossom Honey.